Kraftwagen: Upgrade Kit

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This Kraftwagen: Upgrade Kit comes with 12 specialty tiles.

Players should agree whether to use these Specialty tiles before the start of the game. It is recommended that these tiles not be added until after players have played the base game a couple times.

The tiles are sorted by game turn (A, B & C). Then all four tiles for each game turn are shuffled and place face down in their respective stacks. The A-tile on the top of the A Stack is selected, flipped, and placed in front of the tile showing three actions on the action track (it is now the 11th tile).

All standard rules are in effect. Whena player takes a special tile he immediately performs the standard action (top of tile) and the bonus action (bottom of tile). The bonus actions are described below. The tile is discarded and the next tile on the corresponding game turn stack is selected, flipped, and placed at the front of the action track. If and when all 4 tiles of the current turn`s stack have been used, reshuffle them and place the top tile from the new stack back on the action track. When a bonus tile from a previous round is selected or passed over by all players, return it to the box and draw and place the first tile from the stack for the current round. Bonus tiles from previous rounds will not be used again.

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