Fractured Kingdom

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Fractured Kingdom is new table top role playing game. Set in a future divided by war humanity has finally puled themselves out of a modern Dark Age. Huge cities blot the skyline once more and the separation of government of business has been blurred almost beyond recognition. This however is not the only world. Four Outer Realms intersect with the Waking World. Four places of power, the Dark, the Grave, the Slumber and the Verdant each casting their unseen influence over all things.

There are those who have seen these worlds. Touched them, they are not simply the stuff of legend for these people. Know as Lucid they wield the power of the Realms moving though the hidden parts of the Waking World waging their own private wars with mortal men as simple pawns.

Fractured Kingdom explores the price of power and the need for security. When even the shadows can betray you who do you trust and how do you survive? There are hundreds of theories but no one path to guide you. As a Lucid trapped within the conspiracies of powerful Baronies the Players must find their own way. What is the meaning of power? Is it the blade you wield or the men who would willing fall upon it for their master’s cause?

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