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The Uncharted Skies 

A fragmented realm of countless islands drifting through a boundless ether. 

The Light 

A sourceless glow from the skies above that warms the Kingdoms of the Kin and keeps the Children of the Dark at bay. 

The Dark 

A hidden world below — a shadowed dominion of lethal dangers and ancient enemies. 

The Wind 

The potent force of elemental power that forever blows from the Dark toward the Light. 

The Explorer Knights 

A powerful cadre of scholars, warriors and elementalists who explore the shadows, de- fend the Kingdoms and defy the Dark. 

The Ancient Technology 

Arc-powered wonders scavenged from the remnants of the long-vanished Masters of the Wind. 

The Twilight Frontier 

The shadowed realm of ancient ruins and lost science — the final battleground between Kin and Child. 

Welcome to the Skies of Upwind 

You are an Explorer Knight. You are unique in all the skylands. That’s why the Guild recruited you. You’ve survived the Academy, honed your Potential and now wield extraordinary powers. You have stalwart crewmates, fleets of skyships, supernatural Relics and ancient technology all at your command. Even so, can you survive your first voyage into the Twilight Frontier? Can you survive your first encounter with the Children of the Dark? Can you protect the Kingdoms in the Light and save civilization? 

Upwind is a Studio Ghibli-inspired fable — a Tesla-punk roleplaying game powered by the narrative Q system. The stakes-based, playing card-driven mechanics give every encounter consequences with meaningful, story-building outcomes.With it’s simple bidding rules, Upwind plays as fast as you can tell your tale. 

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