World at War 48: Duel in the North

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Duel in the North: In the summer of 1941, Germany launched Operation Barbarossa against the Soviet Union. Recalled from an early retirement, Wilhelm von Leeb lead Army Group North during its campaign to capture the northern city of Leningrad, sparking one of the bloodiest sieges of World War II.

Other Articles:

  • Development of Close Air Support in the ETO: During World War II, the US military underwent new advancements in its close air support doctrine. For American soldiers fighting on the front line, the close air support campaign would help achieve important breakouts, and ensure an Allied victory against the Axis.
  • The Third Battle of Changsha: By 1941, Japan was bogged down in China and a massive offensive was planned to defeat Chaing Kai Shek's army. Part of the offensive was organized to strike against the key Chinese city of Changsha. It was here the Chinese would refuse to bend against the Japanese onslaught.
  • The FBI at War: Every law enforcement specialist and enthusiast knows the name of FBI Special Agent Melvin Purvis, known for taking down Pretty Boy Floyd, Baby Face Nelson, and John Dillinger. Few are aware Purvis went on to have a successful military career, helping imprison some of the worst individuals in the Nazi regime.

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