Frontline General: Spearpoint 1943. Village and Defensive Line Map Expansion

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Duración: 30 min
Edad: 13+

Expand your copy of Spearpoint 1943 and Spearpoint 1943 Eastern Front with Frontline General: Spearpoint 1943 Village and Defensive Line Map Expansion! This expansion requires the cards from either base game of Spearpoint 1943 and adds new depth to the system, new situations with fictional intros by Mark H. Walker, beautiful Marc von Martial artwork, large die-cut 1" general counters and 4" terrain tiles, printed rules/situation booklet, quick reference and score cards, and a gorgeous two-sided mounted 12"x36" Village / Defensive Line map inspired by 1943 Italian summer and winter terrain.


- Take the fast-paced fun of the original two-player 30-minute World War II squad-level tactical card game Spearpoint 1943 to a whole new level!
- Play new tense tactical Standard Games and Situations that set up differently every time using versatile die-cut terrain tiles such as buildings, ruins, minefields, bunkers, trenches, and more!
- Expansion includes new Situations with fictional introductions by Mark H. Walker.
- Beautiful Marc von Martial ( component and box artwork.
- Adds simple new rules to the Spearpoint 1943 system including movement, line of sight, combat within buildings and structures, artillery spotting, and more!
- Adds more tactical challenges for players through new well-tested Situations.

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